dooce: "A Labor Story
16 March 2004
The format of this post is inspired by Mrs. Kennedy´┐Żs brilliant account of the birth of her son, something I read studiously in the weeks leading up to the birth of Leta, something that had me squarely convinced that any labor not involving a toilet was really no labor at all."

1. Glad i'll never have to give birth.
2. Glad the wife isn't planning on it anytime soon.
3. People who grew up mormon, but now say "Fuck" as a part of their standard vocabulary, are much, much cooler than people who didn't and don't. You know what i mean, if you do. I'd like to think i'm one of those people--that Do know, and that did, and that do.
4. I will continue to steal music ideas from her sidebar, and my friends will think me amazing.


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