Yahoo! News - Franco-German 'War Bastards' Speak Out: "PARIS (Reuters) - As a boy Daniel Rouxel slept locked in a chicken coop because his grandmother was so ashamed of his origins -- the love affair of her French daughter with a German army officer in occupied France during World War II.

Like Rouxel, tens of thousands of these half-German children in post-war France were bullied and humiliated by their families, neighbors and teachers. Their mothers faced public abuse as punishment for sleeping with the enemy.
As France gears up to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the June 6 D-Day landings that freed it from the Nazis, a book 'Enfants maudits' ('Cursed Children') confronts it with an unsavoury chapter of its history. "

Consequences and more consequences...complicated world we live in.


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