GMAIL available!

so, a week or two ago it was the big thing. I had stacks of email asking for accounts. Now, i've sent invites out to everyone who emailed me, and a few who didn't.

[figured, what the hell, i'll send gmail invites to famous types like tom tomorrow and warren ellis...kind of like the kid offering the soda to the football player in that old commercial...but not really.]

anyways...most of them already had accounts, and had forwarded them to other people...Who already had accounts.

had the following exchange with one, and i think you will be able to see the potential for expontentially increasing amounts of GMAIL invites clogging the arteries of the web.

me: i think 2 weeks from now, Gmail invites are going to be thick in the
mailboxes of everyone.

he: No kidding. The mefite I forwarded it to already had one, so he/she is
passing it forward as well. Two weeks from now, gmail invites will be
passed around like last year's fruitcake at xmas time.

one gig of fruitcake storage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there,
i really want to try it out so if u still have the invitation, pls email me at utp2441@yahoo.com.
Thanks and have a good day

2:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was hoping to get an invitation for a gmail account. I'm a young attorney living in Michigan far, far away from the tech savvy communities in California. Unlike everyone else on the internet who seems to know dozens of people who have an account, I do not know any. I imagine I am the only one around here who even cares about stuff like this. If you have an invitation available, I would greatly appreciate you offering it to me. Think of it this way: It's an excellent opportunity for you to expand the reach of gmail to people who would not necessarily ever be involved in the exclusive group of those given accounts. I appreciate any assistance you can offer on this, even if it means telling one of your friends who has open invitations. Thank you.


11:52 AM  

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