Goodbye Dad.

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Just before 12:40am my dad stopped breathing. I had my hand on his chest, my brother had his hands on his other arm. We looked at each other in the dim tv-lit room, and heard his quiet rattle. After a decade long battle with Parkinsons Disease, and 5 months of pain, hospitals, strokes, and a feeding tube, he finally died, i made sure it was with a ping pong paddle in hand.

talk to your parents if you can. Converse with them. I hadn't had a real conversation with my father in 5 years...he was too confused. And before that...we just didn't connect all the time, or maybe we were both too quiet.


Blogger Loyd said...

I'm sorry for your loss my friend. If there is anything I can do let me know. From what you said he was a good man. Remember all the good times and keep your chin up.

Take care. Loyd

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