I'm alive in Santa Cruz. This computer hasn't been plugged in for 6 days, or rather, hasnt' been plugged in, WORKING and connected to dsl in 6 days. Finally after several rebuilds and much can-o-air useage, it powered up properly. What was wrong? i have no idea.

the apartment is full of boxes, work is super cool, tawny starts school tuesday, and it is pouring rain outside.

Wednesday night i walked home from work to see how long it would take, of course it started to rain and made the 1 hour seem like 3.

Thursday night i figured out a better route from the bus stop, but 3/4 of a mile in super pouring rain had me soaked to my undies. really. i sat on the bus squishing the water out of my shoes as we passed cars stranded on Soquel ave in the rain.

Friday T finally came after taking care of biz in modesto and we did new years with a crowd of Modesto expats such as Votch and Heather, Dave and his brother Matt and several others. I can't go into detail too much, but i remember doing illegal things on video. Sort of.

Now, weekend is over, the computer works again, and pictures, emails, and work i need to get emailed out to several people will follow shortly, or rather, after i get home from work tomorrow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

miss you guys... (I may post this a few thousand more times) -allen

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