: "What does this all mean? 'A lot of this is repairing yourself,' Cult Fiction's
Baird told me about the Webzine phenomena. Many of these zinesters have day
jobs at design companies cranking out sites they don't feel personally
connected to. How much interest can they possibly take in designing a Web site
for, say, a transmission shop? Baird works for such a company, where he can put
in as much 60 hours a week. Webzines are a way to reclaim the spirit that moved
them to create online in the first place.

"The Web's not like it was in 1995," Baird said. 'It's like you have a place in
your childhood that you used to play at, but then it gets bulldozed over and
shopping centers are put in its place.'
For Baird, today's giant commerce sites
are those shopping centers. And Webzines are the 'tree houses' where he can
reclaim some of the original spirit of the Web."

some old quotes from me in some baltimore paper. Told you i was old school l33t.


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