TIME 100: The Unknown Rebel: "A small, unexceptional figure in slacks and white shirt, carrying what looks to be his shopping, posts himself before an approaching tank, with a line of 17 more tanks behind it. The tank swerves right; he, to block it, moves left. The tank swerves left; he moves right. Then this anonymous bystander clambers up onto the vehicle of war and says something to its driver, which comes down to us as: 'Why are you here? My city is in chaos because of you.' One lone Everyman standing up to machinery, to force, to all the massed weight of the People's Republic "

it was fifteen years ago tomorrow that the Tiananmen Square Massacre occured.

I was just a day or two away from graduating from high school, and I thought the guy standing in front of the tank was the bravest person i'd ever seen. Here's to thinking about people who stand up to what they think is wrong.


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