ok, some some people do read here when i'm linked from other popular people. *cough*

I'm going to expand on my previous thought....regarding job hunting online.

i've sent out close to 600 emails and resumes in the last year. Have had probably a dozen responses that weren't automated.

Have had probably 100 automated responses.

Then what?

everyone knows the secret to landing a gig is to follow-up, right?

That is what i was taught in my high school career class.
But the fact of the matter is this: I've been scouted/recruited/begged to apply for every gig i ever had except gutting salmon in alaska. I had contacts. People who wanted to work with me, and said so.

So do i email jobs@google again? Asking about my resume? Do I walk into the lobby at a Yahoo! campus and ask to see someone from HR about the application I sent in? Do i hang out in silicon valley starbucks buying people coffee at random hoping to someday catch a creative director who left their wallet and starbucks card at their desk?

I'm moving. Finding apartments has gotten a little easier, looking at some tomorrow. But i'm at my wits end for finding a gig in a town/region where i have no contacts.


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