Information about Bacteriophages Phages are viruses that infect bacterica. SciFi is full of nanophages and microphages and such things that are basically super viruses that keep you Healthy.


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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Song-swappers launch download ad LOL

Georgia official proposes striking word ``evolution'' from curriculum Former President Jimmy Carter had harsh words for the change on Friday, calling it an embarrassment and saying it exposes the state to nationwide ridicule.

"As a Christian, a trained engineer and scientist, and a professor at Emory University, I am embarrassed by Superintendent Kathy Cox's attempt to censor and distort the education of Georgia's students," Carter said in a statement

right on, Jimmy.

Union of Concerned Scientists Always good stuff here.

Mos Def as Ford Prefect. Cool. I think douglas adams would have approved, i mean, why not?


MSNBC - Thar she blows! Dead whale explodes Thats a lot of entrails in the pic, so beware beet soup eaters!


Discovery Channel :: Neanderthal Extinction Pieced Toget With such technologies, our ancestors won the prehistoric battle for survival. The debate continues. Interesting, if Neanderthal hardiness kept them from really needing technology until it was too late, it demonstrates very well that natural selection isn't survival of the fittist. Anyone who really knows evolution and random natural selection theory will tell you that...it is about what Works.

Newsday.com - Bio Warfare Rears Its Head historical archeologists likening poison arrows to bio warfare, and the story of the Scorpian Bombs of Hatra. Ouch. War has always been a bad deal, ya know?

ARTNIGHT MO-TOWN On saturday nights we get together at Allen's to paint, draw, muse, talk about art, make art, watch art. It's Art Night, its the young radical anarchists super underground art league, or something, and eventually we are going to do a show.

My brothers journal, one of many many many. My wife and I gave him this one, so we consider it to be like something we commissioned.

Jarts: Banned In The USA I was AWESOME at this game.

USGS GEO-DATA Explorer aye laddie, now this is tax dollars working!

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Hubble probes planet around star has oxygen and carbon in its atmosphere via Warren Ellis.


The Village Voice: Features: What They Left Behind by Jennifer Gonnerman WOW.

Yahoo! News - Flower-Power Could Help Clear Land mines This is very cool.

Archaeological News Whoot.

Nature Magazine Advance Publications Real science papers by real scientists! Hot PDF action such as The conserved kinetochore protein shugoshin protects centromeric cohesion during meiosis Waay over my head, but the type of stuff that is great brainfood. This is what the internet was invented for, many searches for pop idols to the contrary.

Boston Review: Darwin v. Intelligent Design (Again)
The latest attack on evolution is cleverly argued, biologically informed-and wrong.
H. Allen Orr
Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution
Michael J. Behe

I'm afraid there's no room for compromise here: Behe's key claim that all the components of an irreducibly complex system "have to be there from the beginning" is dead wrong.

Harvard Dept of MCB - More Biology Links Evolution links from harvard...i have a lot more reading to do.

Ciudad Ju�rez: Intolerable Killings The summary section of Intolerable Killings: Ten years of Abductions and Murders in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua, a report by Amnesty International.


BBC NEWS | Health | "There is no proven link between abortion and the risk of breast cancer "-Christine Fogg, Breast Cancer Care

what? you mean that its just propaganda? i'm shocked! will anti-choice groups change their brochures? I wouldn't hold my breath.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Parrot's oratory stuns scientists Would love for James Randi to get a crack at this parrot...it could win a million dollars!

N'kisi's remarkable abilities, which are said to include telepathy

Come on BBC science and nature? "science" articles about a parrot is one thing, but did you have to throw in telepathy without at least a hint of sarcasm?

The Iraqi babies scam is still alive welch article.

Ask MetaFilter thread with some great photoshop scripting from grumblebee.

i may be a photoshop ninja--i mean, its been almost 10 years--but my powers are weak compared to such a pixel wizard.

hanga gallery: Image Detail Gallery site of japanese and japanese style wood block prints.

Online Dictionary - HyperDictionary.com


eBay item 2884316523 (Ends Jan-26-04 14:08:19 PST) - Anthropologie Small Pink Mesh Pullover

this is a random ebay link to demonstrate the power of vintage cloth.

Wired 11.10: VIEW Richard Dawkins on being a Bright. Basically, a naturalistic world view free of mysticism. I am a Bright....whether i'm actually bright is a matter of opinion.

Color scheme This is a super cool color scheme generator. Great way to find secondary and tertiary colors for any hue, with html codes as well.

Opensecrets.org--Money in politics data Fundraising analysis and numbers.

Chess Corner - Chess Tutorial Wow, some of the moves i use have NAMES....i feel like i've just found out the cool moves i do are actually secret kung fu.

The National Academies Press Home Page This gives access to scientific writings. HUGE site.

Neave Lab � Space � Planetarium A planetarium in your browser.

Wired 11.12: The Key to Genius Autistic savants, neurons, and neuro-pasticity. Very cool.

Mefi Contribution Index Calculator 1228 days. I think that after bodily functions, and the internet itself, metafilter is my longest daily habit.

The Russian Record: Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii Multi-plate color photograpy of the 1800's. Ochyen Harasho!

Student who lived as a hunter-gatherer. No, that doesn't mean robbing people as they leave Del Taco.

The Atlantic | January/February 2004 | Are We Still a Middle-Class Nation? | Lind

The Daily Thing: Animalia: "In America we have sheep. You draw your own mental images"

that is so, so very wrong.

Welcome to gp4teens.com! - Sex & Dating

How many of these can be dirty if you think about it? Lots.


Dane Carlson's Weblog

Ah. Poor dane, no longer flooded all day with interesting links and socio-political neo-anarchist technocratic blabber. He tries of course, but job security is Waaay better than some things. Trust me. You can find some more of his handy work at LibertyFilter.

Politics Links and Internet Tools

This is a monster list of links for politics and "internet tools" from the Social Science Reference Center of Princeton University Library. Librarians kick ass.

Those who would repeat the past must control the teaching of history.

-Bene Gesserit Coda

That is just a random Dune [chapterhouse dune] quote to start this blog, almost 7 years after i first started self publishing online. But never a blog...until now.

time for hell to freeze over i suppose.