i love French durotone paper.

BBC NEWS | Africa | 'Whites-only' money for SA town

Record Geekmind-blowingly HUGE record blog.

Shorris--On the Uses of a Liberal Education

The Memory Hole > Photos of Iraqis Being Abused by US Personnel jesus h. christ on a pogo stick. fucking speechless.

Dune Props and costumes my wishlist.

groupofpeoplesanta cruz dev biz

Finding the Speed of Light with



Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?: "6. Does your son use Quake?
Quake is an online virtual reality used by hackers. It is a popular meeting place and training ground, where they discuss hacking and train in the use of various firearms. Many hackers develop anti-social tendencies due to the use of this virtual world, and it may cause erratic behaviour at home and at school.
If your son is using Quake, you should make hime understand that this is not acceptable to you. You should ensure all the firearms in your house are carefully locked away, and have trigger locks installed. You should also bring your concerns to the attention of his school. "

Yahoo! News - Neanderthals Matured Faster Than Modern Man -Study


Kirsten Johnson

o2b is Tim Murtaugh, NYC.

Cloud King : An Art Gallery

KTLA.com | LA's WB | Television Los Angeles | A Daughter Discovers What Really Happened: "At last, the Internet reveals how Al Palya died. Why had it been kept secret? Because the government wanted the legal right to be more secretive."

part II

"It didn't happen that way," Judy said, as the clambake wound down. "Maybe the law isn't about right or wrong. The concept that the government lied to the Supreme Court seemed to me a terrible thing to do. It appears that the justices were not as appalled as I was."

maybe the law isn't about right or wrong, indeed.

KTLA.com | LA's WB | Television Los Angeles | How the Death of Judy's Father Made America More Secretive: "U.S. vs. Reynolds wasn't familiar to the public, law students everywhere knew it to be the landmark 1953 ruling that formally established the government's 'state secrets' privilege � a privilege that has enabled federal agencies to conceal conduct, withhold documents and block troublesome civil litigation, including suits by whistle-blowers and possible victims of discrimination."

USNews.com: Their distinctive faith aside, evangelicals are acting more and more like the rest of us (5/3/04)

AlterNet: Carter's Crusade: "Former President Jimmy Carter, America's first evangelical Christian president"

dooce: "and OH MY GOD what my kid is going to say about me on her website."


Me and Typhoid Mary (kottke.org) time for matt to raise the advertising rates at metafilter.

Installing Cat 5


Inxslutz.com Message Forums

Inxslutz.com Message Forums

GutterZombie : Digital Comic Colorists who Color

-=Total Viscosity Breakdown=-

Yahoo! News - Wis. Soldier Sisters Won't Return to Iraq

BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Laser vision' offers new insights hello Metaverse.

Virginia is for Haters


James de la Vega, an Artist From El Barrio

Northstar - 50's Retro Appliances

Kathryn Cramer: Quantum Mechanics: Not Just a Matter of Interpretation

Eyebeam reBlog

Historical Anatomies on the Web: Browse Titles


The Big MetaFilter User Survey | Results


Offal Good - Why upscale chefs are serving euphemistically named "variety meats." By Patrick�Keefe

MapMachine--online dynamic atlas, street maps (National Geographic)

misbehaving.netmisbehaving.net is a weblog about women and technology. It's a celebration of women's contributions to computing; a place to spotlight women's contributions as well point out new opportunities and challenges for women in the computing field.



Slinging.org - News and Information on the Ancient Weapon

rosepolenzani.com listening room free downloads from the ever amazing Rose Polenzani.

erin mckeown . tour Hurrah! she is coming back to california! Erin Mckeown kicks ass.

Nikon USA: D70 Outfit I have been able to play with a friends new d70 over the last few days. Drool, drool, drool.

Full Disclosure Now


Wired News: Flaw Could Cripple Entire Net Well Shit.

Crooked Timber

London Booted - A tribute to the ClashWOw.

imperial probe anyone?


The Art Millennium

PhotographyBLOG -:- Reviews -:- Lensbaby

Lesser Known Facts of WWII

The Zompist Phrasebook

Lamb: Inmate writing erased - norwichbulletin.com ouch.

Wired News: The News, One Entry at a Time: 'I plan on writing an entry soon,' said Jarvis, 'which I will call 'Blogging made me an asshole.'



jeansnow.net - Spring 2004 Anime

Start Pagei want to be smarter, and so i'm going to try and look at the same websites as mr. shaviro.

The Pinocchio Theory: Science Archives


why the web?

Boing Boing: Nuclear Missiles pose a health hazard: "Concerned for the health of people being killed by nuclear bombs, the EPA has ordered new, less-toxic, rockets to be installed on ICBMs. "

no no no, it isn't to protect the targets, it is to protect the environmentally aware inhabitants of the Launch area. What if the missle flies over your childs school? Think of the lung tissue damage.
or something.

Table of Contents Microphones for Dayz. Researching microphones for a client's logo design....and i'm just struck with this terrible desire to use vintage mics as decor. I may be a sucker for things made of metal, but WOW, aint that pretty?

Khaaan!! | Metafilterlots o links

Apartment Therapy - main page

Amherst Magazine Winter 2004: Enigma Machine maybe its a juicer?


Marmoset Media

TECSOL A-2 Solvent, Anhydrous
TECSOL A-2 Solvent, Anhydrous:
You are an industrial solvent marketed as TECSOL Special Industrial Solvent by Eastman Chemical Company. You are available as both 95% and anhydrous. You are denatured with methyl alcohol and methyl isobutyl ketone.
Find out what kind of industrial solvent you are


FISHFUCKER.COM the one and only.

Gmail's new promise | A Whole Lotta Nothing i don't even pay attention to yahoo ads anymore. I don't actually look at any ads online anymore. I think that part of my brain is just fried and doesn't work anymore.

Reason: "Comparatively, space shuttles are optional trinkets, assassinations are one-off crimes, and devastating surprise attacks are usually limited to one per war. Sept. 11, in direct contrast, was one wretched blow in an ongoing irregular war declared on us years ago by a stateless enemy that is constantly probing our open society for loopholes to exploit."

die puny humans:: "People are disappointed with the future they're living in. Since 2001, the refrain has gone up, louder year by year: 'This is the future. Where's my flying car? Where's my fucking jet pack?' Pre-millennium, we were living in an unprecedented density of imagined futures, and we assumed it was all waiting for us around the corner. And here we are, around the corner, and none of it is standing here."

Howtoons: "Howtoons are one-page cartoons showing 5-to-15 year-old kids 'How To' build things. Each illustrated episode is a stand-alone fun adventure accessible to all, including the pre-literate. "

via. Boing!boing

Blasted News


PLoS Biology: Open-Access Journal heavy duty stuff.

The Gashlycrumb Tinies - by Edward Gorey :-)

A9.com > Search Technologies


the next viridian design contest

putting my thinking cap on.

core77 design magazine and resource

KPRF * BLOG: "Communist Party of Russian Federation blog"

ok, so, i'm not a communist, but i was looking on google for pictures of gaspumps, and somehow found myself here. Strange. Wish my russian was better. Or decent even. but no, ya gavryoo parooski ochen ploha.

RedNews.Ru / ?????????????-???????????? ?????? - ????????? ??????, ???????, ???????, ???????, ????? Red News, apparently. time to get out my russian dictionary.

HumanDescent -> Gallerycool photoshop ninja action. via the blue.

Jew - WikipediaThere's an effort to instead link jew to the wikipedia entry, which has already risen it to #2

Girl, 6, in fatal crash survives for 10 days on noodles, drink / Mother killed after car plunges down cliff *wow*

Wired News: Old Stones Reveal Their Age: "The new technique, called quartz hydration, takes advantage of the natural properties of quartz, a mineral found in many rocks. Whenever a rock containing quartz is cut or polished, perhaps for a statue or ax head, the quartz at the surface is left exposed. Over time, water diffuses into the quartz, forming a layer. By measuring the layer, Ericson and his team members found that they could determine how long ago the rock was cut.
The technique can be used to date artifacts that were created between 100 and about 100,000 years ago, Ericson said. "

remembering rebecca :: april 2004 sweet rebecca's pocket post about an awesome, awesome, awesome housing development in London.

Boing Boing: Onion stories reported as fact: "Onion stories reported as fact "

is it just me, or does Onion Stories reported as Fact sound like a perfect..Onion headline?

Pieces of the Future | A Whole Lotta FeaturesPieces of April is the first thing recorded on digital video I've seen that finally felt like a "proper" movie. I'm going to say it was the performances and script, not just the actors involved that made it shine. The picture quality definitely feels like a step down from regular cinema, but after the first 10 minutes or so you don't notice any jaggies or the harsh exposure and focus instead on the story. The entire film was made for about $160k, using prosumer-level cameras.


It's a Morlok/Eloi thing. | Metafilter The Metafilter police strike again. Distributed investigative computing, at your service.

nextbigthing.org - The Next Big Thing

The New York Times > Science > No Time for Bullies: Baboons Retool Their Culture: "The new work vividly demonstrates that, Putumayo records notwithstanding, humans hold no patent on multiculturalism. As a growing body of research indicates, many social animals learn from one another and cultivate regional variants in skills, conventions and fashions."

Boing Boing: Chat, copy, paste, prison errr, unless you are using encryption, why should anyone, doing anything online have a reasonable expectation of privacy? strange days.

Sleepy-Head: LGF

LiveJournal Images


Can We Imagine the Far Future--Year 3000? Experts debate on Closer To Truth


Great Mirror Photos, Captioned Pictures, Travel Gallery Images � The Great Mirror: "The Great Mirror is a collection of about five thousand photographs taken over the last 30 years by Bret Wallach, a geography professor at the University of Oklahoma. With few exceptions, the photos show cultural rather than physical landscapes and are intended to illuminate the people who have shaped these landscapes and are reflected in it. "

House Industries




The Six Patron Saints of Graphic Design


dooce: "I think it's important that she know that Jesus don't want her for a sunbeam."


WELCOME TO THE DIVINE COMEDY SWEET interface on this flash gadget.

Nicole Fournier Photography Very nice site, very nice art, very nice photography. A friend in NYC showed me the link.

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: My Glamorous Life: "maybe this is all wrong. To understand one's history is to fictionalize it."

The New Republic Online: Under God and Over: "'So do you think that God is so generic in this context that it could be that inclusive, and if it is, then does your objection disappear?'
Needless to say, Newdow's objection did not disappear, because it is one of the admirable features of atheism to take God seriously. Newdow's reply was unforgettable: 'I don't think that I can include 'under God' to mean 'no God,' which is exactly what I think. I deny the existence of God.' The sound of those words in that room gave me what I can only call a constitutional thrill. This is freedom. And he continued: 'For someone to tell me that 'under God' should mean some broad thing that even encompasses my religious beliefs sounds a little, you know, it seems like the government is imposing what it wants me to think in terms of religion, which it may not do. Government needs to stay out of this business altogether.'"

The Memespread Project: Spread this Meme!

frou frou makes you happy cannot stop listening to Frou Frou. "Let Go" is the amazing song used in the Garden State trailer. Downloaded that illegally[!], listened to it constantly for a few days, bought the CD yesterday. Amazing. Amazing. Some favorite little bits of lyrics:

from its good to be in love, "these cucumber eyes are lying the more that i smile about it, and all of my clothes feel like somebodys throw aways..." and when she sings 'somebodys throw aways' it is so Alison Moyet. Great.

and from track 11, the dumbing down of love, "music is worthless, unless it can make a complete stranger, break down and cry." then the horns kick in. WOW. Liked Imogene Heap as a solo artist, LOVE Frou Frou.


CBS News | 'Little Prince' Mystery Solved | April 7, 2004�16:45:10: "In France, the discovery is akin to solving the mystery of where Amelia Earhart's plane went down in the Pacific Ocean in 1937. "


Paul Kurtz on the Enlightenment | Metafilter

MoCoLoco - Modern contemporary design & architecture my drool was as long as the scroll of the page.

Police officers simultaneously descended on all five of Modesto's public high schools Monday morning, taking more than 40 students into custody on various drug charges. this seems just so, very, productive.


A softer world.

The Bancroft Syndicate


Should metaphor be taken from photography, or should photos only be approached (or critiqued) as realist?
ask meta, rocking as always.


Lark In The MorningCrazy musical instruments....

subversive cross stitch: mind your fingersoh, this is good.

Political FriendsterHeh. this is great. via kottke

Google launches its own e-mail service - 2004-04-01 - Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal Google launches its own e-mail service?

Kinja, the weblog guide My beta Kinja list. interesting, i think i want a LOT more customization. I want my pony, and i want to eat it too, or something.

would love to be able to pick how much of each post shows....but i guess an advance RSS reader would do that for me.

Looks cool for those 99 out of 100 who stumble around online.

March For Web Standards | Washington, DC | 1 Apr 2004