ok, so someone makes a mistake on a website email link, people email the wrong guy, and HE is blamed for it? WTF? This *please let us lick the shoes of our local politician* article is utterly clueless.

The impostor took it a step further recently, setting up an appointment through e-mail with Kurt Vantosky, director of advertising for the Daily News, to discuss campaign advertising.

The Imposter? ( Daily News reporter Nicole Tsong can be reached at ntsong@adn.com )

Mike is simply answering SPAM.

Now, secondly, as someone who built almost 200 websites back in the day, yo, things like this piss me off--its a dumb mistake

....i used to have a domain name that was similar to that of a philharmonic orchestra's. ThePhil, get it? anyways, people would email me all the time....one woman emailed me her Credit Card Number to reserve a box seat.

I emailed her back, letting her know what a bad idea it was to EVER to that online, and then emailed the people in charge of the site. (There was NO contact information available for email i had to do a bunch of sleuthing of related organizations.) Because there wasn't a contact email, people would just type something in i guess...and it would come to me if it was .COM instead of .ORG.

Ended up talking with an executive director of something or other who called me, and they ended up making contact information more readily available.

Now, i realize this is a slightly different situation, but If i would have been referred to as An Imposter i would have been sad. It would have made me and the baby jesus cry.

fabulously grand things still happen in the world. Really......Congratulations Derek and Heather.


ah, friday.

so, as of this morning i'm an uncle for the 9th time, Welcome Clarissa!

and as of tomorrow morning, i'll be somewhere between here and Big Sur for the West Coast Poetry Slam, where my wife will be competing as part of the local team. Wish us luck, i think all the campsites are Full.


also, via kottke, 1o stories the UN thinks you should know.

Inevitably, a Jennings-based religion springs up. A young Mormon living a few blocks from the studio where Jeopardy tapes, reveals he has recently discovered a previously unknown book of the Old Testament. The lost book, coincidentally entitled "Trebek", tells of a living God from "the land of salt, jazz, and many wifes Who shall smite His enemies with a magical rod and infinite wisdom for the amusement of His followers" and promises salvation and everlasting life for whosoever believeth in him. After the new religion's leader appears on Oprah, the Church of Jennings becomes the fastest growing religion in the world.

hot kottke action


guitar stylings of meghan baker.


I could get a partial discount anyways.

according to this ISI official, a White House aide told ul-Haq last spring that "it would be best if the arrest or killing of [any] HVT were announced on twenty-six, twenty-seven, or twenty-eight July"--the first three days of the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

hvt= high value terrorists. great that they are really serious about the war on terror and not sound bites.

uh, hmmm. NSFW. I want to live in Europe.

So, yeah, i do think i'm smarter than most people because i read a lot. *shrug* Allow me the small comforts in life. Now if only being smart was the same as being successfull, or actually, being even marginally successfull.


To Leonard Zeskind, all conspiracy theories "are essentially theologically constructed views of events. Conspiracy theories are renderings of a metaphysical devil which is trans-historical, omnipotent, and destructive of God's will on earth. This is true even for conspiracy theories in which there is not an explicit religious target."

just reading about the conspiracy BS that is the Protocols of the elders of zion, et al.

Pimpin' the blog if isaac.

every single time i open my email, i am reminded of how many people love me. People send me home financing advice, opportunities to make millions, tips on enhancing my Girth, tips on losing weight, hot teens, cool Milfs, farm girls, cyber beauties. All in my email box.

But just now, i recieved a little bulkmail gem, the subject line read Is this hardcore enough for you?. Now that is the most thoughful thing. Tired of sending me the same old porn, penis, and money spam, someone decided to ask me--out of the millions they email--if That was hardcore enough, For ME.

I'm touched.

don't hit people.


Sweet Sweet Internet. My DSL was down for 30 hours+

i almost died. well, i felt like it anyways.

thanks SBC! it is working again, and i'm happy, but as my wife told me, i should have just called tech support to hear the bulletin that certain parts of town weren't getting dsl.

would have saved me totally rebuilding everything a few times, lots of router stuff, and re-installing every connection related app i had. a few times. *sigh*