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great retro illustration blog, via the BB


i am a designer

coldwater classic
coldwater classic,
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i forget sometimes about my 22 years of page layout, 20 years of computer graphics, 20 years of photography, 13 years of photoshop, 10 years of professional design experience.

so i've been experimenting again in photoshop during slow times at work, messing around with some of my photos.


unrelated to design story of my moring:
while stopped at a red light this morning [branciforte and soquel] i saw a girl on crutches hobbling down the side walk. Seriously. Hobbling. She had a coffee in one hand. Very difficult to do on crutches. As a lover of coffee i really felt bad for her, and if i hadn't of been running late for work i would have stopped to help...and as i was thinking that a guy in a work truck who she was walking by got out and asked if he could help her. The world isn't so bad i'm thinking.


PC World's Cover Reveals the Truth

PC World's Cover Reveals the Truth
PC World's Cover Reveals the Truth,
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beautiful day out, feeling sick but i got to go and shoot for a while this morning. sun over monterey bay


edwardian halloween show

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sara in the raven coat


Matt's Retro-Deko has launched. Artwork, desktops, cool dekorations for laptops, etc.


this is cool...

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steevil took a picture of me taking a picture, and here is the picture i took...

Chromagnan Phil

time stamp on the photos show them at 6 seconds apart.


Darrell, Allen and I were at MJC back in the day--yo--together doing computer graphics classes. He is having an art show out in Delhi at a local coffee shop. If you want to get out of the big city lights of modesto for an evening of music, art and coffee give this a try...

-Darrel's Cybersuicide
-Announcement in the Delhi Express


2 ears, 2 earphones

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So it has been about 4 months since my surgery, and for about 5 months before that i had not been able to use both earphones for listening to music.

not comfortably anyways. It is still a bit odd, but i'd forgotten what real sound is like. Amazing. Time for some Gorecki.

Saturday after watching "the science of sleep" i kept thinking about
the world in my head. i wonder if perhaps it isn't all real after all, just, separate.
but separate.

so past years aren't decades ago, everything is happening at
once--and it is non-linear...A constant shattering of time.


you should be there

you should be there
you should be there,
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