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Big Shocker.

Rendering spectra: "One of the most difficult tasks in displaying colored images is to render spectra even approximately correctly. The problem is not only that the fully-saturated colors of the spectrum cannot be exactly reproduced in any medium but monochromatic light itself; there is also the problem of mapping the spectral hues into the chosen display medium. "


FOLDfactory - Folding Basics lots of info on paper, printing, folding. really.


Wired 12.09: VIEW: "The singularity's biggest flaw isn't that it's hard to imagine, but that it flatters its human inventors. We may be on the verge of an astounding breakthrough! Or, with equal likelihood, we may be at the edge of a new dark age of plagues, mass hunger, and climate destabilization. More likely yet, we live in a dull, self-satisfied, squalid eddy in history, blundering around with no concept of progress and no sense of direction. We have no idea what we really want from our own lives or from society. And no Moore's law rising majestically on any 2-D graph is ever going make us magnificent or spiritual when we lack the will, vision, and appetite for spiritual magnificence."