santa cruz is awesome. yesterday after my second interview at a publishing company i wandered around, ate some lunch at a cafe by our apartment--and then after receiving the Your Hired phone call, I took the 10 minutes or so to walk down to the beach just in time to catch pre sunset ocean light.

i hope that in the years ahead i never lose sight of how beautiful it is there.

now there is just the small matter of packing, moving, and starting a new gig a few days after xmas. whoot.


As of December 20th, i'm paying rent in two cities. As of Jan 1st, i'm a resident of beautiful Santa Cruz. Hopefully the 1 job interview, 2 freelance pitches and 3 networking appointments on friday go well, so that i can also pay rent in feb.

breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out


The Sport Utility Bike.

These are awesome. I want one. [and a job close enough to Ride instead of drive.]

A Painting a Day

What the hell is this you ask? you are asking the wrong person. I do know for certain--however--I wouldn't mess with bunnies who:

1. apparently are gigantic [unless the sheep are tiny]
2. have flash-bang hand grenades. Once they set that off you are at their mercy for several minutes....and that certainly isn't how I like to spend my time.



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ever since conan came on the air, i've been convinced he is a dead ringer for Hermy the Elf who wants to be a Dentist. Now, thanks to the wonders of Flickr, Google, and photoshop, viola!

what do you think?


Modbee.com | The Modesto Bee: "The Modesto Professional Baseball Club announced Wednesday that the name of the team will be the Modesto Nuts."

feel'n blue

artwork 001
artwork 001,
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either i'm feeling blue or i haven't had enough coffee today.

or both.


isaac isn't lame. but its a catchy domain. I think he has written under more domain names than anyone else i know.

well, people are people,
so why should it be?
you and i should get along so ah full lee.

may the light of your ibook light your cave well.


small world.

artwork 032
artwork 032,
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so last night i go into this place where some of our paintings are hanging in order to talk to the owner about having our Show.

and who is there eating? my former manager and her husband--who replaced me (yeah, i know)--eating with another couple. Haven't seen them in a year at least. I didn't snarl or throw things, but i did find myself hoping they enjoyed my artwork since i have a talent they will never possess or understand.

so i guess, that is healing? am i really over it? sure.


THE ILL LIST: "'The ILL List 2: A Poetry Slam Invitational,'
featuring a dozen of The NATION's hottest Spoken Word Artists"

i'm helping set up for this event. should be tres cool.

ok, some some people do read here when i'm linked from other popular people. *cough*

I'm going to expand on my previous thought....regarding job hunting online.

i've sent out close to 600 emails and resumes in the last year. Have had probably a dozen responses that weren't automated.

Have had probably 100 automated responses.

Then what?

everyone knows the secret to landing a gig is to follow-up, right?

That is what i was taught in my high school career class.
But the fact of the matter is this: I've been scouted/recruited/begged to apply for every gig i ever had except gutting salmon in alaska. I had contacts. People who wanted to work with me, and said so.

So do i email jobs@google again? Asking about my resume? Do I walk into the lobby at a Yahoo! campus and ask to see someone from HR about the application I sent in? Do i hang out in silicon valley starbucks buying people coffee at random hoping to someday catch a creative director who left their wallet and starbucks card at their desk?

I'm moving. Finding apartments has gotten a little easier, looking at some tomorrow. But i'm at my wits end for finding a gig in a town/region where i have no contacts.