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this is brett.


29jan05 028

29jan05 028
29jan05 028,
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today was a good day.


sunrise santacruz

sunrise santacruz
sunrise santacruz,
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while driving i watched the world catch on fire spinning and spinning to try and put the flames out. Finally later on that evening it worked

work. unpack. work unpack work unpack. Work, unpack.

our life.

seems like most people here in santa cruz are just barely making it. It is so expensive there isn't much choice I guess.

word up modesto homies, you are in my thoughts.


I'm alive in Santa Cruz. This computer hasn't been plugged in for 6 days, or rather, hasnt' been plugged in, WORKING and connected to dsl in 6 days. Finally after several rebuilds and much can-o-air useage, it powered up properly. What was wrong? i have no idea.

the apartment is full of boxes, work is super cool, tawny starts school tuesday, and it is pouring rain outside.

Wednesday night i walked home from work to see how long it would take, of course it started to rain and made the 1 hour seem like 3.

Thursday night i figured out a better route from the bus stop, but 3/4 of a mile in super pouring rain had me soaked to my undies. really. i sat on the bus squishing the water out of my shoes as we passed cars stranded on Soquel ave in the rain.

Friday T finally came after taking care of biz in modesto and we did new years with a crowd of Modesto expats such as Votch and Heather, Dave and his brother Matt and several others. I can't go into detail too much, but i remember doing illegal things on video. Sort of.

Now, weekend is over, the computer works again, and pictures, emails, and work i need to get emailed out to several people will follow shortly, or rather, after i get home from work tomorrow.