camera dorks unite

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odd for me, but i'm feeling interested in Math.


so the city of santa cruz has just released pdf's of crime through the police department website. I live in crime central.


Intellectual Poison: It's Like, Whoa, WTF? work out tips. some of the commenters links...those work outs would kill me. i'm sure of it. I guess i just don't know how to work out, thank asthma and bad knees for that i guess. help me johnny!

off the air poster, v1.something

off the air poster, v1.something
off the air poster, v1.something,
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so, i have odd dreams about video games and dinosaurs.


my mum on TV up in SLC. For a few seconds towards the end. She was walking to choir practice, laptop in hand, since she is a laptop sort of lady now.

article, video links. RAM for macs.


2 years and counting

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the shame about being a rebel son--or is it just a generational thing?--but i just really feel like i didn't know him.

and then i think about playing ping pong, and well, maybe i did. i'll never know.

i've restrung my grandfathers mandolin. it looks terrible. now for the hard part:
though, i like the idea of 2 finger chords....
and if i learn for the same tuning i could use on my banjo i could be onto something.

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