Political halloween costumes, for kids. i may use one of these.


The GWB edition of the iPod

The GWB edition of the iPod
The GWB edition of the iPod,
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beautiful photoshoppery by the mathowie.


All hail the Ant-Art-ican.


GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- A University of Florida scientist has grown a living “brain” that can fly a simulated plane, giving scientists a novel way to observe how brain cells function as a network.

i for one welcome our rat-brain-in-a-jar overlords.


Happy Birthday.

The AntArtican
The AntArtican,
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I can dream, can't I? | A Whole Lotta Nothing: "Then the idea hit me: Attorney General Lawrence Lessig."

tranmission from my brother

tranmission from my brother
tranmission from my brother,
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i'm still tripping out that my brother is on the ice planet Hoth. Hopefully the rebel base will stay hidden.

water filled light

water filled light
water filled light,
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a picture of my porchlight. filled with water. water leaking out thru the seams, thru the green stucco. i was a bit nervous, as were the other apartment dwellers, but finally workmen showed up and after much moving around up above, it stopped. The carpet by the front door--however--is waterloggged.

meghan baker 2

meghan baker 2
meghan baker 2,
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got to see meghan baker play for a little while last night at The Fat Cat.


Intellectual Poison

Why Web Publishers Fear a Little Sharing: "'Who wants to fill this [stuff] out,' he says. 'I just want to read your dumb story.' "

stuff = Crap.

for the record, crap not stuff.

i can't believe they called SlashDot a "chat site."

The Guardian hears from US citizens about their initiative to write to undecided voters in Ohio (kottke.org): "We're kind of an angry country, aren't we?"

The sunset of October 19 2004

take a wild guess as to where my brother is right now.



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this is my dirty foot, circa 1999.


Ok. Maybe GM modified plants are a good thing.

"A hypoallergenic grass genetically modified to lack two common hay-fever allergens is set to enter field trials in the US."

GOP funding companies to register people to vote. Hurrah! oh, wait a minute! They are committing fraud!

more, much much more here.


Boing Boing has a new linking policy.

i guess i'll copy it.