Welcome to Comic-Con and APE!going here today with ethan and allen. not Ethan-Allen. Ethan, and allen.

actually, ethen, and allen.

The Daily Thing: News FLASHLoyd is Funny as Hell.

Derek M. Powazek: Sad :-(


gladwell dot com / SUV's Big and Bad: "After all, how many Americans could reasonably be expected to pay a twelve-thousand-dollar premium for what was essentially a dressed-up truck? "


Wow. Index to Science Fiction
Anthologies and Collections,
Combined Edition
This List Rocks my little scifi filled world....anthologies are my favorite...especially the old stuff

Inventions in science fiction. This list is a little skewed towards modern authors i think....i just sent in a suggestion on a story featuring fuel cell batteries, John W. Campbell Jr's 1933 "Battery of Hate". Lets see if it makes the list.


More, much much more, of my brothers artwork.


Catapult Makers: Rock Stars of Antiquity: "The making of catapults, known as 'belopoietics' (poietike meaning 'making of'; belos meaning 'projectile or projectile-throwing device') required an ingenious combination of geometry, physics, and technology."


BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Scientists freeze beam of light: "Physicists say they have brought light to a complete halt for a fraction of a second and then sent it on its way."


Modesto Art Night The comprehensive record!


rodcorp: Giotto's circle, Apelles' lines, Chuang-tzu's crab: "Simple, raw, sublime skill used to demonstrate artistic genius is an old topos. Three stories - Giotto's circle, Apelles'/Protogenes' lines and Chuang-tzu's crab:"


Rules for Being a Republican


Another of my brothers sketchbooks, amazing ink drawings from the glaciers in alaska.

ARTNIGHT2 MO-TOWN Another artnight. Good night. First time i actually produced any work....started drawing on a partially completed and abandoned painting Tawny started a year or two ago. Then she did some more color, then i did some more text layering. Turning out pretty cool i think.

The Loom: No SARS in Georgia SARS as a window into natural selection and evolution.


Kiowa Drawings in the National Anthropological Archives: "The best-known bodies of Kiowa graphic art are the drawings produced by Kiowa men imprisoned at Fort Marion in the 1870s and the work produced in the twentieth century by the Kiowa Five, a group of artists who studied at the University of Oklahoma. The National Anthropological Archives has excellent material from both of these important traditions, plus many other drawings that provide a bridge between the two"

William Duncan Strong / 1933 Honduras Journal / Introduction: "William Duncan Strong (1899�1962) was one of the 20th century's preeminent anthropologists. Best known as an archaeologist, he studied at a time when the practice of anthropology placed equal emphasis on understanding the cultural and physical developments of human populations as well as the historic and prehistoric origins of human civilization"

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A Visual Sourcebook for Chinese Civilization

Camping With the Sioux: Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher