Irish songs and traditional music, V - Z a huge list.

Roq la Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA cool list of art links


FAHRENHEIT 9/11 / ***1/2 (R)

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is a compelling, persuasive film, at odds with the White House effort to present Bush as a strong leader. He comes across as a shallow, inarticulate man, simplistic in speech and inauthentic in manner. If the film is not quite as electrifying as Moore's "Bowling for Columbine," that may be because Moore has toned down his usual exuberance and was sobered by attacks on the factual accuracy of elements of "Columbine"; playing with larger stakes, he is more cautious here, and we get an op-ed piece, not a stand-up routine. But he remains one of the most valuable figures on the political landscape, a populist rabble-rouser, humorous and effective; the outrage and incredulity in his film are an exhilarating response to Bush's determined repetition of the same stubborn sound bites.

Salon.com | The new Pentagon papers: "The new Pentagon papers
A high-ranking military officer reveals how Defense Department extremists suppressed information and twisted the truth to drive the country to war."

The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never
worshipped anything but himself. -Richard Francis Burton, explorer and
writer (1821-1890)


Picasso's Deli & Art jordi is awesome. great food, great artist.

ArtDeadline.Com - Artist Income and Exhibition Opportunities because you have to know where to look.

New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Jack Mathews: Hide this, Bill O'Reilly

Modbee.com | The Modesto Bee: "Iraq granted early sovereignty"

"U.S. Administrator L. Paul Bremer bids farewell to Iraq as he boards an Air Force plane at Baghdad International Airport for his flight out of Baghdad on Monday. He was flying to an undisclosed location."

anyone remember that game, "hot potato"?

Guide to Lock Picking


Durasoul - Errata

Underground art: Group gives artists outlet, interaction

"They call themselves the Bancroft Syndicate, Modesto's Underground Art Movement."

in jest. mostly.



the internet: where you learn things you wouldn't other wise learn. hopefully.


rc3.org | Take with a grain of salt: "The next time you see a link to a piece at TechCentralStation, bear in mind that the whole site is the publication of a lobbying firm that specializes in Astroturfing. "

Priorities (Aaron Swartz: The Weblog)

The New York Times > Movies > The 1,000 Best Movies Ever Made

i have seen about 360 of them that i recognize by name. didn't get out much as a kid, and watched lots of old movies on late night tv.


i tried to give Bill Gates a gmail invite, but it bounced. poor guy doesn't even get to read his own email.

"A painter's painter, he eschewed identification with a particular school or style. His oeuvre is a celebration of painting's grand traditions - the still life, the portrait, history painting, and allegorical and mythological subjects - articulated in a visual style that has often been described as Expressionist. But while his frenetic brushwork and highly complex, metaphysical iconography have much in common with German Expressionism, Beckmann's paintings never succumbed to the Modernist tendency to render the world abstractly. In his 1938 lecture "On My Painting," Beckmann explained: 'I hardly need to abstract things, for each object is unreal enough already, so unreal that I can only make it real by means of painting.'...

Three Studies of on figures Beds, 1972

the more i think about art, the more of my influences I find. Everything is collaborative.

Charles Demuth: "Among the rain
and lights
I saw the figure 5
in gold
on a red
to gong clangs
siren howls
and wheels rumbling
through the dark city."

Wired 12.07: Rise of the Machines: "Isaac Asimov turned androids into pop culture icons - and invented the science of robotics in the process. Now his classic I, Robot hits the big screen"

so today i got a spam email saying that it was from me, but signed "james". i'm so confused. am i sleep typing?


I. Wolk Galleries | Art & Artists

libraries: CD settlement to libraries: "'The CD giveaway to schools, colleges and libraries will cost the industry an estimated $76 million'. Yes, if by 'cost the industry' you mean 'free up warehouse space for copies of the new Avril Lavigne'. "

via my body is too waxylicious for ya babe

Isabel Samaras Paintings Awesome and funny paintings, via Matt.

AlterNet: The Fight of Our Lives: "The middle class and working poor are told that what's happening to them is the consequence of Adam Smith's 'Invisible Hand.' This is a lie. What's happening to them is the direct consequence of corporate activism, intellectual propaganda, the rise of a religious orthodoxy that in its hunger for government subsidies has made an idol of power, and a string of political decisions favoring the powerful and the privileged who bought the political system right out from under us."


Sexton Chevrolet (209) 824-4800 or (866) 973-9866

ok, this isn't the normal type of thing i would blog, but this auto dealer is having an oil change special on 6-19 and 6-26, $22.95 or something for an oil change, but the cool part, is that the money is all being donated to a local special needs school, John J. McFall, to rebuild playground and exercise equipment that was destroyed in a recent fire.

ain't that sweet.


GMAIL available!

so, a week or two ago it was the big thing. I had stacks of email asking for accounts. Now, i've sent invites out to everyone who emailed me, and a few who didn't.

[figured, what the hell, i'll send gmail invites to famous types like tom tomorrow and warren ellis...kind of like the kid offering the soda to the football player in that old commercial...but not really.]

anyways...most of them already had accounts, and had forwarded them to other people...Who already had accounts.

had the following exchange with one, and i think you will be able to see the potential for expontentially increasing amounts of GMAIL invites clogging the arteries of the web.

me: i think 2 weeks from now, Gmail invites are going to be thick in the
mailboxes of everyone.

he: No kidding. The mefite I forwarded it to already had one, so he/she is
passing it forward as well. Two weeks from now, gmail invites will be
passed around like last year's fruitcake at xmas time.

one gig of fruitcake storage.

leahpeah dot com :: home: Leah Peterson, Artist, Web Site, LeahPeah Gallery / Formerly Passepar2.com

funniest hyperlink title of the day in that interview: My crotch inadvertently held up my first weblog template.


Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

FAERNWORKS - Photography very cool art/photo site from my newest tribester contact.

South Bay Art Momentum - Home

POPULUS Presents :: Phantom Galleries :: Art in Public Spaces

EFF: Press Room

"DirecTV to Narrow Anti-Piracy Campaign
Satellite TV Giant Will No Longer Prosecute Users for Mere Possession

San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA – After discussions with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Center for Internet and Society (CIS) Cyberlaw Clinic, satellite television giant DirecTV has agreed to modify its nationwide campaign against signal piracy in order to reduce threats and lawsuits against innocent users of smart card technology. Chief among these changes is a promise to no longer sue or threaten to sue people merely for possessing smart card devices."

rock on EFF.

Le Phone on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Deborah Gardner's death - Murder in the Peace Corps - Dennis Priven
weiss, the author, now has a book out about this.


QDN: My Incredible Day

i first read this over three years ago....and it still just about makes me cry when i read it.

working as a designer, i have very few moments of that sort of job satisfaction.

actually, i have no moments of that sort. "Very few" would be nice.

A Moral Chernobyl - Prepare for the worst of Abu Ghraib. By Christopher�Hitchens: "Many, many people must have fantasized about getting Osama Bin Laden into some version of an orange jumpsuit and then shackling him for a while to the wrong end of a large pig."


SIGNAL ORANGE i like this idea...but its just too heavy. I could never wear one.

Waxy.org: Daily Log: It's Baby Time mini wax


dooce: "To the person who sent me an email to tell me that all I talk about anymore are my boobs, and that all this talk about my boobs is alienating my core audience, SORRY CORE AUDIENCE! "

Fucking Google It


Magical Realism : Authors via Metafilter. ;-)

CNN.com - Paris bid to ban�designer jeeps - Jun 10, 2004: "'They're polluters, they're space-occupiers, they're dangerous for pedestrians and other road users. They're a caricature of a car.'"


NEWSARAMA - OEMING'S SIX LANDS AT IMAGE IN AUGUST: "Written and inked with a cover by Michael Avon Oeming (POWERS and The Mighty Thor), co-written by Dan Berman, and penciled by Ethen Beavers, SIX is a black and white one-shot from Image Comics, hitting stands this August. "

sweet. ethan is a rocker. he rocks on.


: "True revolutionaries
Never bomb buildings
True revolutionareis
Never bomb buildings
It attracts too much attention
They never bomb buildings"

Spirit rover finds more signs of past water on Mars: "NASA's Mars rover Spirit has found concentrated salt below the surface of the Red Planet, offering more evidence of past water activity, mission scientists said Tuesday"

Welcome to ETL Online....liars, cheaters, frauds, smugglers. thats how i feel on a bad day, like today.


skop.com I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives [KeyJay, ultrainteractive KungFu Remixer]

New American Paintings my favorite magazine.


SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Features -- Rock band Creed breaks up after three albums, 24 million copies sold: "NEW YORK � The spiritually inclined band Creed, whose anthemic hits 'Higher' and 'With Arms Wide Open' helped them become one of the top-selling rock acts of the past decade, has called it quits.


Nigritude Ultramarine: Nigritude Ultramarine


Tontie - Flash Game zee numlock addictionz...

Welcome to the internet: "'Who cares? The Internet isn't real anyway!' This attitude is universally unacceptable. The Internet is real. Real people live behind those handles and screen names. Real machines allow it to exist. It's real enough to change government policy, real enough to feed the world's hungry, and even, for some of us, real enough to earn us a paycheck. Using your own definition, how 'real' is your job? Your stock portfolio? Your political party? What is the meaning of 'real', anyway?"


June 1, 2004

A thousand dollars? Are you serious?
posted by reklaw to MetaFilter-related at 5:53 PM PST

i think if matt posted a big spreadsheet with his metafilter time/costs/revenue, from day one, all the people complaining would be fucking ashamed of themselves.

TIME 100: The Unknown Rebel: "A small, unexceptional figure in slacks and white shirt, carrying what looks to be his shopping, posts himself before an approaching tank, with a line of 17 more tanks behind it. The tank swerves right; he, to block it, moves left. The tank swerves left; he moves right. Then this anonymous bystander clambers up onto the vehicle of war and says something to its driver, which comes down to us as: 'Why are you here? My city is in chaos because of you.' One lone Everyman standing up to machinery, to force, to all the massed weight of the People's Republic "

it was fifteen years ago tomorrow that the Tiananmen Square Massacre occured.

I was just a day or two away from graduating from high school, and I thought the guy standing in front of the tank was the bravest person i'd ever seen. Here's to thinking about people who stand up to what they think is wrong.

After the Bell Outside the Comfort Room: "After the Bell Outside the Comfort Room
The SPELLBOUND buzz is dying down. Or is it??? So now what? My life continued after H-E-L-I-O-P-L-A-N-K-T-O-N. Feel free to read my tidbits and thoughts about my life after the bell and present day. The SPELLBOUND EXPERIENCE continues. May the words be with you. "

Wired News: The Changing Face of E-Mail: "E-mail 'is broken,' said Hahn, who made his name in the industry during his days as Netscape's chief technology officer. 'We need to make metaphoric changes.'
As an example, Hahn pointed to the file-folder metaphor that most e-mail software uses to store messages. 'The metaphor was designed back when (we were) talking about getting five messages a day.' Today, he said, many people are getting 10 to 20 times as many messages, and filing each one just takes too much time.
'People hate filing,' said Hahn. 'They hate it in paper. They hate it in e-mail. Could you imagine what it would be like to have to file Web pages just to get back to them?' "

theMirrorpool.com - images captured and created by matt frederick

SchlessNet_4art website....FLASH....so go into illustration ---> paintings----> "agent of Karma" is my fav.

WELCOME TO EXIT MUNDI: A COLLECTION OF END-OF-WORLD SCENARIOS: "Some people collect postal stamps; Exit Mundi collects scenarios of what could go wrong with the world. Sure, our planet could get hit by an asteroid. But hey, that's nothing. Did you know we could all be munched away by hungry molecules? Or that our physicists could unintentionally wipe us all out while tinkering with particles? `Oops, sorry...' "


MetaFilter | Advertising on MeFi: "MetaFilter gets a lot of exposure, both in the blog world, and in the print world. The site garners about 3 million pageviews a month, with almost half of those being the front page of the site. Your ad will be shown about 1.5 million times to an interesting mix of folks."

if i sold a product this is where i would advertise it.

kellysue.com: red as a cherry bancroft mention.

die puny humans: The projectile, created at the University of Florida in Gainesville, US, is 1.7 centimetres in diameter can be fired at from an ordinary paint-ball gun. The front is coated in an adhesive polymer that sticks it to the target.

Inside, the elongated projectile holds a sensor, a tiny wireless transmitter and a battery. This enables it to report back its findings to a laptop or handheld computer up to 70 metres away. It can also reusable, because compressed gas within the gun provides the propulsion...

anyone else read "the peace war"? vernor vinge's Tinkers have smart bullets and mini sensors.

Boing Boing: ExExEx Church: "'I believe that if God hated masturbation he would have made our arms short, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.'"


John Kerry intern scandal - Alexandra Polier's account: "Falsely accused of having an affair with John Kerry, the �intern� sifts through the mud and the people who threw it."


oooooooooooooh.via a tomorrowed tom

For the first time since 1932, the Republican Party controls every major institution of the federal government: the White House, the Supreme Court, the Senate and the House of Representatives - not to mention the "fourth branch of government," the mass media. How did this come to pass?